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 Edmonson County
High School
Class of 1974


The Old Edmonson County High School
Brownsville, Kentucky
Home of the Wildcats!

Welcome Home Class of 1974!

And Welcome to All Visitors to this Edmonson Co. High School Website.

This homepage is a link to our past at Edmonson County High School, to our other Edmonson County school experiences and, for most of us, to home.

Please come in and once again walk the halls of the school. If you are a current or a past member of Edmonson County schools, or a visitor just wandering through, spend a few moments with us, and leave us a note in the
Guest Book.

Please Read This First!

I'm B-A-A-A-C-K !!

March 23, 2001
As many of you know this site was "abandoned" for a few years, with no work to continue to build the history. Many people still found useful and enjoyable information here, as attested to by e-mails I've received over the years. Now I hope to bring this site to a new level of usefulness. Information that will be included here will involve three perspectives. The orientation, of course, centers around the Class of 1974. However, there were six other Classes who were in school with us, for varying lengths of time. These are the Classes of 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, and 1977. The Class of 1974 has friends and memorable experiences with people from all of these groups, and they all have friends and memories with people associated with 1974. Members of any of these seven classes will find much relevant information here. Beyond those specific classes, students from other era's at ECHS should also find this to be a great site, and will share many common experiences and activities with those for whom it is specifically posted. I encourage the participation of all who visit here.

This site is "Under Construction," meaning that there are many parts which are not yet ready for use. They are marked. However, because some information will be useful and enjoyable, and because we can immediately begin to use The Lunchroom to exchange comments and memories, what is available now is being put up. In the meantime, those areas which have some usable content are marked with "Ready." If you have information, memories, ideas, etc. to help with the unfinished areas, please jump in and contribute!

Your standing in The Lobby of ECHS. Where would you like to go? ...

Home Room (Ready)
  The list of students in the Class of 1974. All students whom we could recall who were members of the class at some time, whether or not they graduated from ECHS, are listed.

Principal's Office(Ready)

  If you attended a school in Edmonson County and graduated (or would have) in 1974, please sign in here. We would like to have your address and contact information so that we can keep up with you.

Bulletin Board(Ready)
  Announcements, information, etc.

Lunch Room(Ready)

  Come to the "lunch room" and join our discussion board. Post messages, read what others have written, share memories, stories, etc.


Teacher's Lounge(Ready)
  The Faculty and Staff Page.

Gym (Not Yet!)

Non-academic pursuits at ECHS

History Class (Not Yet!)

Take a trip through The Mind's Eye back to the years when the Class of 1974 was in school. It's 1962 ...

(Not Yet!)
Kyrock, Brownsville, St. John, Lincoln, and Chalybeate schools were the launching board for most ECHS students. Visit here for memories of our years at these schools.

Library (Ready)
Great resources for keeping in touch with old friends!

Please Sign The Edmonson Co. High School Class of 1974
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