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Edmonson County
High School

Members of the Class of 1974


Here are the members of the Class of 1974. Because reunion is about maintaining the bonds of friendship which we forged in our youth, this is not a list of graduates. It is a list of all those who we could remember that were part of our class through the years, regardless of whether or not they graduated with the Class of 1974. We want to remember and bring together a circle of friends, and that is all-inclusive.

**Note: the maiden names of women are used in the alphabetical list, because that is how we will remember most of them. If their surname is now different, it is listed in [brackets].


The names of deceased members has been listed in red.

 ALFORD, Alvin  
ALFORD, Jacquelene [Arnold]  
 BASHAM, Pam [Woosley]  
 BROOKS, Alicia [Anderson]  
 BROOKS, Judy [Childress]  
 BROOKS, Michelle [Stevenson]  
 BROWNING, Sheila [Phillips]  Married Dough Moutadier and had one child.
 BRYANT, Sherrie [Long]  
 BURBA, Paula [Meredith]  
 CARROLL, Kathy [Davis]  Sister of Patricia Carroll.
 CARROLL, Patricia [Toms]  Sister of Kathy Carroll.
 CHERRY, Deborah [Larkin]  
 CHILDRESS, Lawrence  Better watch what you say around Lawrence, because little Lawrence Childress has grown up to be very tall and big Lawrence Childress!
 CHILDRESS, Linda [Shepherd]  
 CLARK, Donald  
 CLINE, Gary Ray  
 CLINE, Larry  
 COLE, Janice [JOHNSON]  
 CULBRETH, John Kerry  
 CUMMINGS, Rhonda [Meredith]  Married Gary Meredith of the 1974 class. They have one son, Brett, who will graduate from ECHS in 2003.
 DAVIS, Debbie [McGuire]  
 DECKER, Ellen [Sanders]  
 DECKER, Revona [VanHaverbeke]  
 DEWEESE, Regina [Prewitt]  Married Terry Prewitt of the 1974 class.
 DURBIN, Carolyn Marie [Simon]  Carolyn married Donald Simon, and now lives with him and her four daughters on a farm on Dixie Highway (U.S. 31W) in Warren County, Ky.
 DWYER, Virginia "Jenny" [Davis]  
 ELMORE, Connie [Wingfield]  
 ELMORE, Fran [Hagan]  Now an LPN nurse.
 ELMORE, Terry  
 GIPSON, Steve  
 GISH, Susan  Left Kyrock Elementary School at an early grade and moved out of state.
 GRAY, Mark  Completed his career and retired from the Air Force.
 GREGORY, Steve  
 GOINS, Dennis  
 HAMPTON, Albert  Died in an automobile accident.
 HARDIN, Donna [Guest]  
 HARDIN, James  
 HARDIN, Lewis  
 HAYES, Cathy [Joiner] Cathy lives in Edmonson County, and enjoys riding her horses.
 HENDRICKS, Dorothy  Her father was the principal of Kyrock Elementary School in 1962, and later a mathematics teacher at ECHS. Following his death from leukemia, Dorothy moved to Bowling Green, Ky.
HENNION, Ricky  
 HENNION, Thomas  
 HERALD, Kim  
 HIGGS, Johnny  
 HOUCHIN, David  Works at the Bank of Edmonson County.
 HOWARD, Randy  Randy served in the Marine Corps, and is a Gulf War veteran.
 HOUCHINS, Robin [Tomes]  
 HYDE, Sandra [Pedigo]  
 JAGGERS, Dena  
 JAGGERS, Kathy [Mercer]  
 JAGGERS, Linda [Salings]  
 JOHNSON, Donna [Denton]  
 JOHNSON, Doris [Schaffer]  
 JOHNSON, Delbert  
 JOHNSON, Elbert  Operates an automobile repair business in Bee Springs at the old drive-in. Married Molly Sanders of the Class of 1974.
 JOHNSON, Laura [Claycomb]  Works for the Bank of Edmonson Co.
 JOINES, Patricia [Harp]  
 JONES, Deborah  
 KEITH, Rickey  Married Carla Meredith of the class of 1974.
 KEY, Gary  Gary was the top basketball scorer in Kentucky during one of his years at ECHS. He went on to play college ball, and is now an athletic coach at a high school in Texas.
 KINSER, Gena [Braley]  
 LASHLEY, Gale  
LASHLEY, Mitzie [Pruitt]  
 LEE, Vanessa  
 LINDSEY, Cindy [Davis]  
 LINDSEY, Sunday [Haynes]  
 LINDSEY, Virginia [Gilbert]  
 LOGSDON, Marshall  
 LOWE, Rebecca  
 MADISON, Joel  Joel now has a very severe case of diabetes. He works with his brother, Anthony.
 MADISON, Lanny  
 MCCOMBS, Sherry [Giorgio]  
 MEREDITH, A. Machelle [Martin]  
 MEREDITH, Carla [Keith]  Married Rickey Keith of the Class of 1974.
 MEREDITH, Doris [Pierce]  
 MEREDITH, Gary  Gary got a basketball scholarship after graduating from ECHS. Gary is now the principal at Kyrock Elementary School, his old alma mater. He married Rhonda Cummings, of the Class of 1974. They now have one son, Brett, who will graduate from ECHS in 2003.
 MEREDITH, Michael  Mike still lives in Edmonson Co.
 MINTON, Dennis  
 MINTON, Lepaul  Married Debby Wood of ECHS, who attended the 1994 reunion. Debby has since succumbed to leukemia.
 MOODY, Aza [Catau] Is the wife of a church pastor and now lives in Michigan.
 MORGAN, Denise [Clubb]  
 NASH, Roger  
 PARKER, Dennis Dio  Since graduation Dennis has worked in an undergroudn coal mine, been a social worker, been a control room operator for a nuclear power plant, and served in the U. S. Navy Submarine Service. Dennis has been working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Ky. since 1987. He is married to Gail Marie Gahafer from Louisville and has a family of seven children (one son, six daughters), and lives in Harrison County, near Cynthiana. His family has a website at Parker Family Home Page. He also belongs to a Civil War reenactment group which has a home page at 1st Kentucky Cavalry and Horse Artillery. You can e-mail him at
 PREWITT, Terry  Married Regina DeWeese, of the Class of 1974.
 RAY, Shelia [Durbin]  Married Dennis Durbin, brother of Carolyn Durbin, who is a member of the Class of 1974.
 RAYMER, Gary  
 RENFRO, Brenda  
 RICH, Terry  
 ROBBINS, Debbie [Stastny]  
 ROOF, Michael  
 ROOF, Monty  The circumstances under which Monty died are not known.
 RUSSELL, Timmy  
 SALTSMAN, Mickey  
 SANDERS, Mollie [Johnson]  Married Elbert Johnson, of the Class of 1974. They have an automobile repair business near Bee Springs.
 SCHULTZ, Kathy  
 SEABOLT, Mark  
 SKAGGS, Cindy [Lawrence]  
 SKAGGS, Ricky  Ricky is a very successful businessman working for Gary Force Honda in Bowling Green, Ky.
 SIMON, Debbie [Meredith]  
 STEVENSON, Greg  Greg has played in a number of professional rock bands.
 TARTER, Alice [Temples]  
 THOMPSON Jr., James E. "Jamie"  
 TOMES, Rita [Wolfe]  
 VAN METER, Karen [Minton]  
 VAN METER, Rudy  
 VINCENT, David  David served in the military for several years after graduation, and died under somewhat mysterious circumstances in Mexico just before the 1994 reunion.
 VINCENT, Ezra  
 VINCENT, Jerry  
 VINCENT, Johnny  
 VINCENT, Joseph (Joe)  Brother of Vernon and Victor, also in the Class of 1974.
 VINCENT, Joyce [Sanders]  
 VINCENT, Michael Bruce  
 VINCENT, Noah  
 VINCENT, Roy Mike  Mike died in a high speed automobile accident along with two other students from ECHSin Brownsville.
 VINCENT, Vernon  Brother of Joe and Victor, also in the Class of 1974.
 VINCENT, Victor  Brother of Joe and Vernon, also in the Class of 1974.
 WEBB, Sherie [Westerfield]  
 WHITTLE, Danny  
WOLFE, Cindy [Meredith]  Cindy married James Meredith, an ECHS graduate. They live in Bee Springs.
 WOLFE, Mike  
 WOLFE Jr., James  
 WOOD, Ron  
 WOOSLEY, Joyanna  Joyanna died in an automobile accident in Edmonson Co. Her younger sister was seriously injured in the same accident.

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